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Hi, my name is Alice Alta. ‌
I’m an Astrologer
and Relationship Expert
with 7+ years experience

Now I'm the Head of Content for Futurio: Daily Horoscope 2022 app. My main fields of interests are past lives, karmic bonds, and a soul’s purpose every person has.


I'm also a relationship expert who analyzes compatibility on different levels. My favorite topics include helping people find their true love and offering ways to improve their existing relationships and handle conflicts.


My expertise in international relations combined with a three-year study at the Avestan School of Astrology has led me to develop an open mind, as my worldview unites esoteric beliefs and a realistic picture of existence backed up by a solid basis of factual knowledge.


I analyze people’s life patterns and show both positive and negative scenarios to give people freedom to choose their future path. I believe that a person’s life mission is the key that unlocks their potential. I don’t frighten users with gloomy predictions, as I believe there are no hopeless situations. 


I also actively cooperate with the media and review articles for StyleCraze and MomJunction. If you’re writing an article on astrology, feel free to contact me! I’ll be happy to give you an expert comment. 

Areas covered include:

Love and Relationships


​​​Personalized Forecasts


Karma and Soul’s Purpose


Talents and Career Aptitude


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